Alexander V is a norwegian house DJ and producer.

He has been into music since he was five years old, and interested in different genres of music, but it wasn`t until he reached the age of nineteen that he discovered the art of DJing, and he bought his first set of CD players and a mixer.


Autumn, the year 2009, he teamed up with some local DJs, and started the concept Evolution, which was a combination of different genres in house music. This became an annual event for a couple of years, before they decided to shut it down.


Alexander V got his first gigs at local clubs in his hometown, Asker (just outside of Oslo, Norway) but it didn`t take long before he became a much wanted DJ all around Norway. Since he started,he has been playing at clubs from Kristiansand, in the southern Norway, to Mosjøen, far north. Also, he has DJ`ed at clubs in both Quesada (Spain) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania).

Other merits:

 - Burn Residency 2017 norwegian finalist

 - Hed Kandi DJ (norwegian event)


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Sikamicanico (Oslo - NO)

Gabler (Oslo - NO)

Club Temptation (Oslo - NO)

Alfred (Hønefoss - NO)

XL (Drammen - NO)

Velvet (Oslo - NO)

Circa (Kongsberg - NO)

Åpen Bar(t) (Asker - NO)

Svare & Berg (Hamar - NO)

Jacob Aall (Oslo - NO)

Jacob Aall (Fredrikstad - NO)

Studentenes Hus Nydalen (Oslo - NO)

Tangis (Asker - NO)

Notte (Asker - NO)

Lancelot (Asker - NO)

Tryvann (Oslo - NO)

Oslo Maraton (Oslo - NO)

Skansen (Oslo - NO)

Øverland Gård (Bærum - NO)

Stabekk Kino (Bærum - NO)

Oslo Golfklubb (Oslo - NO)

Dalen Hotel (Dalen - NO)

Holmsbu Fjordhotell (Holmsbu - NO)

Stena Saga (Oslo - Fredrikshavn - NO)

Krydder (Ski - NO)

Karma (Kristiansand - NO)

Perlen (Drøbak - NO)

Oslo Spektrum (Oslo - NO)

Fredriksborg (Oslo - NO)

Radisson Blu (Gardermoen - NO)

Grand Hotel (Oslo - NO)

First Hotel (Drammen - NO)

Restaurant Strand (Oslo - NO)

Eidsverket (Oslo - NO)

Ophelia Club (Oslo - NO)

Onside (Tynset - NO)

Scandic Fornebu (Oslo - NO)

Frimurerlosjen (Drammen - NO)

Karlsborg (Oslo - NO)

Scandic Havna (Tjøme - NO)

Nebbursvollen Friluftsbad (NO)

Thon Hotel (Gardermoen - NO)

Strømstad Spa Resort (SE)

Da Vinci (Oslo - NO)

The Star (Oslo - NO)

Oslo Opera House (Oslo - NO)

Vitos (Vollen - NO)

Club Crystal (Oslo - NO)

Firefly (Quesada - ES)

LaWo (Oslo - NO)

Høland Stadion (Løken - NO)

Onkel Blaa (Bekkestua - NO)

Aura Nightclub (Bergen - NO)

G10 (Oslo - NO)

Karma (Oslo - NO)

Fame (Oslo - NO)

Musikkflekken (Sandvika - NO)

Ekebergkafeen (Oslo - NO)

Oslo Kongressenter (Oslo - NO)

Åråsen Stadion (Lillestrøm - NO)

Cafe Kjellern (Hemsedal - NO)

Fagernes Gjestegård (Fagernes - NO)

Scandic Vulkan (Oslo - NO)

Miklagard GK (Oslo - NO)

Bakeriet Bar & Nattklubb (Mosjøen - NO)

Q-Bar (Dar Es-Salaam - TZ)

Tidi (Bergen - NO)

Rica Park Hotel (Sandefjord - NO)

Hotel Continental (Oslo - NO)

Samfunnssalen (Oslo - NO)

Bjørkelangen Musikkfestival (NO)

Oscarsborg Festning (Oslo - NO)

Oslo Maraton (Oslo - NO)

Miklagard GK (Oslo - NO)

Sole Hotell (Noresund - NO)

Bakeriet (Mosjøen - NO)

Quality Hotel (Gardermoen - NO)

Ullevaal Stadion (Oslo - NO)

Hotel Royal Christiania (Oslo - NO)

Seeds (Oslo - NO)

Piemonte Bar & Restaurant (Oslo - NO)

Lime (Thon Hotel Arena) (Lillestrøm - NO)

Lierdagene (Lier - NO)

Restaurant Strand (Oslo - NO)

Dronningen (Oslo - NO)

Stena Danica (Gothenburg - SE)

Lysebu Hotel (Oslo - NO)

S/S Lady Mac (Oslo - NO)

Langhuset (Ski - NO)

London (Oslo - NO)

Lincoln (Oslo - NO)

Mathallen (Oslo - NO)

Frogner Hovedgård (Oslo - NO)

Kanonhallen (Oslo - NO)



Lena Pub (Lena - NO)

Posthallen (Oslo - NO)

Scandic Park (Sandefjord - NO)

The Mini Bottle Gallery (Oslo - NO)

Fossekallen (Oslo - NO)

Holmenkollen Restaurant (Oslo - NO)

Bislett Stadion (Oslo - NO)

Kulturkirken Jacob (Oslo - NO)

Nodee Sky (Oslo - NO)

Café Pí (Gjøvik - NO)

Uhørt (Oslo - NO)

Opland Bar (Oslo - NO)

Martins (Lillestrøm - NO)

Lille Strøm Bar (Lillestrøm - NO)

Harahorn (Hemsdal - NO)

Dr. Holms (Geilo - NO)

Club Børst (Ski - NO)

Jaeger (Oslo - NO)

Hed Kandi (Norway)

Sirkus (Oslo - NO)

Brooklyn 24/26 (Ålesund - NO)

Hukodden (Oslo - NO)

Salt (Sarpsborg - NO)

Fuser (Lillestrøm - NO)

Verftet (Harstad - NO)

Salt (Sarspsborg - NO)

Chitra (Oslo - NO)

Ingensteds (Oslo - NO)

Høyres Hus (Oslo - NO)

Støtvig Hotel (Oslo - NO)

Soria Moria (Oslo - NO)

Euphemia Bar (Oslo - NO)

House Of Oslo (Oslo - NO)

Oslo Plaza (Oslo - NO)

Gledeshuset (Hønefoss - NO)

Stratos (Oslo - NO)

Juvelen (Hønefoss - NO)



























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Finals of Burn Residency DJ contest.